Live Session in Xubuntu Desktop amd64 in Bionic Beta 1 (archived)

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Test-case Live Session Start

Boot up the image
Xubuntu boot screen is displayed
When ubiquity starts select your language in the left column
Language is selected, all labels are changed to translated versions
Press "Try Xubuntu" and wait for the Live session to start
The default desktop is displayed

Test-case Live Session Usage

Use and execute the default applications found for the desktop enviroment being run
All applications should function without error

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
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ReporterLast updateBugsComment
Passed4e410a2018-03-09 16:47Link to the testcase revision
Passedtexadactyl2018-03-08 13:01
Very poor performance with xserver-xorg-video-nouveau live bionic beta-1
session (#1754072)

In: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Undecided
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Bug #1754072 was flagged as a cause for failure in another case. I'm not going to pile on. Other than the slowness (nouveau issue?), the Live Session probes well and operates as expected.

Link to the testcase revision
Passedwhobers2018-03-08 12:29

Tested on second laptop

Link to the testcase revision
Passedwhobers2018-03-08 12:06

I thinks this is a passed, but: Live session would not shut down properly: the live session as such went perfectly (great work! thanks!), but when trying to shut down the session, my laptop would not shut down. I can provide a photo of the last screen; please tell me where to upload it. I had to shut down the laptop by pressing the on/off button for several seconds.Please advice if/where to report this.Thank you.

Link to the testcase revision
Passedakxwi-dave2018-03-07 13:24
Passedslickymaster2018-03-07 05:01

Test performed in VMware Workstation 12

Link to the testcase revision
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