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TitleInstall (entire disk with ZFS)
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Proceed in your native language if you wish. Instructions will remain in English

Boot up the image
The system boots properly and loads the installer displaying Welcome dialog with language selection and 'Try FAMILY' and 'Install FAMILY' buttons
Click on the release notes hyperlink to confirm that a browser launches and you are taken to the release notes web page.
Click on the Install FAMILY button
The 'Keyboard Layout' screen appears
The proposed keyboard corresponds with your keyboard
Select your keyboard layout and click on continue
The 'Updates and other software' screen is displayed
On the screen 'Updates and other software', note the availability of the following components
Available options should represent the state of your system accurately
  • (If network is available) Download updates while installing FAMILY
  • (If on a 'laptop') Is plugged to a power source
  • Install third-party software ... option available
Click on the continue button
The 'Installation type' screen is displayed
Note the state of the 'Erase disk and install FAMILY' radio button
The 'Erase disk and install FAMILY' radio button is selected and the 'Advanced features' button is active
Click on the 'Advanced features...' button
The 'Advanced features' dialog is displayed
Check 'Erase disk and use ZFS'
'Erase disk and use ZFS'
Click on the 'OK' button
The dialog closes and 'Erase disk and use ZFS'
Click on the 'Install Now' button
The screen advances
If there is only one hard disk, skip to step 14 (On the 'Where are you?' screen...). Otherwise, on the 'Installation type' screen verify that the drive selected on the Select drive list corresponds to the drive on the chart (e.g /dev/sda)
Selected drive is displayed on the chart
Verify that the full drive space is allocated
Full drive space is allocated for installation
Click on the Install Now button
The 'Where are you?' screen is displayed
If your system is connected to the network, note the preselected timezone correspond with your timezone and the city indicated in the text box
The timezone and city displayed match your timezone and the main city from your area
Select your timezone, and click on the continue button
The 'Who are you?' screen appears
Input your initial user details and password (Note admin can not be used - it is a dedicated Linux User)
Name, username and password are accepted. Additionally, the continue button is enabled
Click on the continue button
The 'Welcome to FAMILY ' slide is displayed
The slideshow is entirely in your language
Wait for the installer to finish
An 'Installation Complete' dialog appears
Click the Restart now button
GUI is shut down, a prompt to remove media and press Enter appears
Remove the disc and press enter
The machine is rebooted
Allow the machine to reboot
The system boots properly and loads into FAMILY
Upon login, open a terminal, run the following commands and verify it matches the output
$ zfs mount
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID /
bpool/BOOT/ubuntu_UUID /boot
rpool/USERDATA/root_0y7dio /root
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/srv /srv
rpool/USERDATA/u_0y7dio /home/u
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/usr/local /usr/local
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/lib /var/lib
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/games /var/games
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/mail /var/mail
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/snap /var/snap
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/log /var/log
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/www /var/www
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/spool /var/spool
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/lib/AccountsService /var/lib/AccountsService
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/lib/NetworkManager /var/lib/NetworkManager
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/lib/apt /var/lib/apt
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID/var/lib/dpkg /var/lib/dpkg
$ zsysctl show
Name: rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID
ZSys: true
Last Used: current
- Name: rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_UUID@autozsys_SNAPID
Created on: 2020-04-14 16:37:10
- Name: root
- rpool/USERDATA/root_0y7dio@autozsys_SNAPID (2020-04-14 16:37:10)
- Name: u
- rpool/USERDATA/u_0y7dio@autozsys_SNAPID (2020-04-14 16:37:10)
- rpool/USERDATA/u_0y7dio@autozsys_SNAPID (2020-04-14 16:34:41)

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit a 'failed' result and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result.

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