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TitleNetboot Install (Desktop)
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Boot using the installation media
The installer should load
Select install
Select your language and press Enter.
Select your country and press Enter.
The detect keyboard layout screen should appear.
If you know your layout choose No and select it from the list, otherwise choose yes and follow the prompts to detect the layout.
The install starts to detect hardware and the best server to use then shows the select hostname screen.
Type a hostname then press enter.
The select server window appears.
Either enter the server info manually or select the recommended server and press enter.
Choose a mirror to use and press enter.
If you have a http proxy type its details now, otherwise just press enter.
The installer starts loading additional components.
Type your full name (using capitals) then press Enter.
The select username page loads with a capital-less version of your first name.
Choose a username the press enter.
Type then confirm a password that is below 8 character long.
A warning that you have chosen a weak password should appear.
Select "No" then type and confirm the password you want to use.
Choose to not encrypt the home directory.
The installer detects your timezone correctly.
Press Yes to confirm your timezone.
The partition disks page should loads
Select "Guided - use entire disk".
Select the disk you would like to use.
Agree to the changes to be made.
The installation begins (this might take a long time on the older hardware)
Select to not install updates.
Stuff loads, the Software selection screen appears.
Select the desktop FAMILY (or any other for particular installations) with space bar and press enter .
At the GRUB installation prompt, select the value appropiate to your system (in general, the default works).
Click on the Continue button.
The installer prompts "Is the system clock set to UTC?".
Select Yes or No, depending on your setup (select No if your clock is set to localtime).
Click on the Continue button.
The installer prompts to restart and to remove the installation media. Remove it and click on the Continue button.
The system restarts and runs the choosen FAMILY environement.

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
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