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debian-installer netboot builds.
These are reset every time a new debian-installer is uploaded and not on a daily basis.


debian-installer (20101020ubuntu451.4) xenial; urgency=medium

   * Strop stripping modules; it removes the signatures (LP: #1604441)

 -- Adam Conrad   Tue, 19 Jul 2016 10:32:57 -0600

Netboot s390x testcases in Xenial 16.04.1 (archived)

DownloadLink to the download information
Netboot s390xTypePassedFailedRunningBugs
Netboot Install (CD minimal)Netboot Install (CD minimal)Mandatory1--
headless installations are degraded due to failed setvtrgb.service (#1604737)
In: console-setup (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Undecided
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