Defects Summary

Bug #TitleAffectsStatusImportanceAssigneeCom.Sub.Dup.
Xenial Alpha 2
1305492安装时,界面顶部的输入法“Zh”图标功能菜单没有被汉化 | When installed, the IM "Zh" Icon on the top-bar is not localized for Chinese.Ubuntu KylinConfirmedHighAron Xu1910
1306866"Desktop" is not localized in live modecasperNewMediumlenky04012710
1370707Plymouth does not display the graphical boot splashplymouthConfirmedMedium18106
1434774lxpanel volume applet settings opens empty terminal windowlxpanelTriagedLow1930
1444682Software properties gtk implies my cpu is unknown and not working. software-propertiesTriagedMedium440
1445818run dialog called from one desktop opens on the desktop with preferences dialog, regardless of which desktop is currentlxpanelTriagedLow1320
1447038Shutdown/Restart of live session guest does not work in Virtualbox, and VMWarecasperTriagedHigh3295
1458383gnome-disk-utilty does not allow swapoff of zram devicesgnome-disk-utilityInvalidLow430
1467517LSC can only lists installed applications when lubuntu installed via alternate image - Work around released.lubuntu-software-centerWon't FixLow820
1484785language selector text cut off in abiwordabiwordTriagedHigh1340