Ubuntu Server amd64 testcases in Lucid Beta 2 (archived)

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Legacy testcases for 'Ubuntu Server amd64'TypePassedFailedRunningBugs
Install (Bind9)Install (Bind9)Mandatory2-1
Install (default)Install (default)Mandatory2--
Install (default + crypted LVM)Install (default + crypted LVM)Mandatory3--
Install (default + LVM)Install (default + LVM)Mandatory3--
Install (default + RAID1)Install (default + RAID1)Mandatory11-
array with conflicting changes is assembled with data corruption/silent
loss (#557429)

In: mdadm (Ubuntu)
Status: Triaged
Importance: High
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Install (JeOS on KVM)Install (JeOS on KVM)Mandatory1--
Install (LAMP)Install (LAMP)Mandatory2--
Install (Mail server)Install (Mail server)Mandatory2--
Install (Openssh server)Install (Openssh server)Mandatory2--
Install (PostgreSQL database server)Install (PostgreSQL database server)Mandatory2--
Install (Preseeded)Install (Preseeded)Mandatory1--
Install (Print server)Install (Print server)Mandatory2--
Install (Samba server)Install (Samba server)Mandatory3--
Install (Tomcat Server)Install (Tomcat Server)Mandatory2--
Install (Virtualization host)Install (Virtualization host)Mandatory1--
MAAS (Installer)MAAS (Installer)Mandatory---
MAAS (Juju)MAAS (Juju)Mandatory---
MAAS (Server)MAAS (Server)Mandatory---
Install (No Network Connection)Install (No Network Connection)Run-once1--
iSCSI Authenticated Root InstallationiSCSI Authenticated Root InstallationRun-once---
iSCSI Unauthenticated Root InstallationiSCSI Unauthenticated Root InstallationRun-once---
Rescue amd64Rescue amd64Run-once1--
Install (JeOS on ESX)Install (JeOS on ESX)Optional1--