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First login wizard in Ubuntu Desktop amd64 in Oracular Daily (archived)

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First login wizardDetailed information on the testcase
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Proceed in your native language if you wish. Instructions will remain in English.

Start the session
The initial setup should autostart and the 'Online Accounts' screen display and the following account types should be displayed
  • Google
  • Nextcloud
  • Microsoft
  • Select one of the accounts and go through the steps to configure it. If you are not connected to the Internet skip this test.
    The accounts list should be displayed again but with the configure account ID displayed on the corresponding entry
    Click 'Next'
    The 'Help improve Ubuntu' screen is displayed and the 'Yes, send system info to Canonical' option is selected
    Click 'Show the First Report'
    A new dialog opens showing the collect information
    Verify that the report's contents makes sense and that it doesn't include anything private or that shouldn't be collected
    Close the dialog and click 'Legal notice'
    The default webbrowser opens and display the 'Legal Notice – System Information' page from the Canonical website
    Close the browser, go back to the wizard and click 'Next'
    The 'privacy' screen is displayed, the location services toggle is off
    Go to Settings->Privacy screen and check that the status
    It should reflect the wizard status
    Go back to the wizard and change the toggle status
    The settings screen show reflect the status change
    Click 'Next'
    The 'Ready to go' screen is displayed including a grid of icons representing popular software
    If you are connected to the Internet click on one of the software
    'Ubuntu Software' is started and show the page corresponding to the selected software
    Click 'Install'
    The software should install and be available once it's finished
    Close the store, go back to the wizard and click 'Open Ubuntu Software now'
    'Ubuntu Software' is started and displays the frontpage
    Close the store, go back to the wizard and click 'Done'
    The wizard closes, and you have a working desktop session
    In a terminal run '$ ubuntu-report send yes'
    If you are connected to the Internet it should tell you that the report for that machine has already been sent. If you are not connected it should retry later or on next login.

    If all actions produce the expected results described,
    please submit a 'passed' result.
    If any action fails, or produces an unexpected result,
    please submit a 'failed' result and file a bug. Please be sure to include
    the bug number when you submit your

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