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Ukui-indicators(Ubuntu Kylin) in Ubuntu Kylin Desktop amd64 in Noble Beta (archived)

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ukui-indicators(Ubuntu Kylin)Detailed information on the testcase
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Several icons exist in indicator(at the right bottom of the screen)
Icons including: Time and date/ Network settings/ Sound/ Weather/ Put-in method/ Power management (only in laptop), etc
Click “Time and date” icon in indicator
Calendar runs successfully.
Click “Network settings” icon in indicator
Several options show up, such as Ethernet Network/disconnected/VPN Connections/ Enable Networking/ Connection Information/ Edit Connections.
Click the options and set network successfully.
Click “Sound” icon in indicator
A sound setting bar shows up.Adjust sound successfully.
Click “Power manager” icon in indicator (only in laptop)
Electric quantity shows up
Click “Weather” icon in indicator
The weather setting options show up successfuly. Weather of the current city shows correctly.
Click “put-in method” icon in indicator
Put-in method setting options show successfully.Sogou put-in method can be seen in Chinese version system.

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Passedfeng-kylin2024-04-11 07:34Link to the testcase revision
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