Certified Devices Testing in Ubuntu Desktop (Legacy) amd64 in Focal 20.04.4 (archived)

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This is a blanket ISO Tracker test-case for any OEM-specific testing performed on Ubuntu Desktop images for the various devices that are Ubuntu Certified: https://certification.ubuntu.com/

This is meant to be used mainly by the Certification Team

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Passedpieq2022-02-24 03:03

Tested on Dell Precision 5550 (https://ubuntu.com/certified/202001-27664).

Installed using:
- Entire disk
- Install 3rd party drivers (this device has an nvidia GPU)
- Secure boot enabled (hence requires to enroll MOK key because 3rd party drivers installed)

- Login
- WiFi
- Sound
- Graphics (nvidia drivers installed, On-Demand mode activated by default)
- Suspend/Resume
- Automated test run using Checkbox (no particular issues found when inspecting resulting HTML report)

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