Install (manual partitioning) in Xubuntu Desktop amd64 in Focal 20.04.3 (archived)

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Proceed in your native language if you wish. Instructions will remain in English.

Boot up the image
If you see the GRUB boot menu you should see the following:
  • 'Try or Install Xubuntu'
  • 'Xubuntu (safe graphics)'
  • 'OEM install (for manufacturers)'
  • 'Test memory' (only on BIOS systems)
  • The system boots properly and loads the installer displaying the Welcome dialog with language selection and 'Try Xubuntu' and 'Install Xubuntu' buttons
    Click on the release notes hyperlink to confirm that a browser launches and you are taken to the release notes discourse page.
    Click on the Install Xubuntu button
    The 'Keyboard layout' screen appears
    The proposed keyboard corresponds with your keyboard
    Select your keyboard layout and click on Continue
    The 'Updates and other software' screen is displayed
    On the screen 'Updates and other software', note the availability of the following components
    Available options should represent the state of your system accurately
    • (If network is available) 'Download updates while installing Xubuntu'
    • (If on a 'laptop') 'Is plugged to a power source'
    • 'Install third-party software...' option available
    Click on the Continue button
    The 'Installation type' screen is displayed
    Select Something Else
    A screen showing the current hard disks and partition layouts is displayed
    Select the drive you wish to partition and use the Add '+', Change 'Change...', and Delete '-' buttons to create your desired scheme
    The screen updates showing your desired partitions and mount points
    Once you have your required partitioning scheme laid out, click on the Install Now button
    The 'Where are you?' screen is displayed
    If your system is connected to the network, note the preselected timezone corresponds with your timezone and the city indicated in the text box
    The timezone and city displayed match your timezone and a major city from your area
    Select your timezone, and click on the Continue button
    The 'Who are you?' screen appears
    Input your initial user details and password admin can not be used - it is a dedicated Linux User
    'Require my password to log in' is shown and selected or if 'Log in automatically' and 'require my password to log in' are shown then 'Require my password to login' is selected. If just 'Require my password to log in' is shown, having it off is the equivalent of having 'Log in automatically' on.
    Name, username and password are accepted.
    Continue button becomes available
    Press Continue
    The 'Welcome to Xubuntu' slide is displayed
    The slideshow is entirely in your language
    Wait for the installer to finish
    An 'Installation Complete' dialog appears
    Click the 'Restart Now' button
    GUI is shut down, a prompt to remove media and press Enter appears
    Remove the disc and press enter
    The machine is rebooted
    Allow the machine to reboot
    The system boots properly and loads into Xubuntu showing username selected

    If all actions produce the expected results described,
    please submit a 'passed' result.
    If any action fails, or produces an unexpected result,
    please submit a 'failed' result and file a bug. Please be sure to include
    the bug number when you submit your

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    Passedguiverc2021-08-23 08:16

    motion computing j3400 (c2d-u9400, 4gb, intel mobile 4 series)
    using this to *upgrade via re-install* over existing 18.04 installation (sda5)
    no format of partition(s); any error on re-installing packages will be ignored (I didn't look what's on this thing;it's xubuntu & lubuntu desktops on 18.04)

    I did get an "Error restoring installed applications" :( but I'm ignoring that as it's a used system, and whilst I believe I've only got Ubuntu packages installed; python2 & Qt4 are now gone, and Lubuntu is now LXQt (not LXDE) so I believe the error is to be expected with this type of install (as I'm using it).

    grub deleted other OS correctly; I won't test that as I don't use it
    xubuntu install looks good...
    negatively the packages I expected (aptitude, fortune, figlet etc & audacious, lubuntu-desktop etc) are not there; whilst I wasn't going to assess lubuntu-desktop (due LXDE to LXQt change), the other packages should have been restored.. The issue however could be the machine failed to get access to gateway (using DHCP instead of normal static address, it may have been given a dead-end instead of valid gateway, thus was the equivalent of an off-line install & packages were unable to be installed). I didn't open a term & see if I'd got access to gateway or been routed to sink whilst in *live* mode.. (normally I ctrl+alt+T & check this; manually correct if routed to sink, but I forgot!)

    giving Xubuntu the benefit of the doubt; as Xubuntu install tests out great.
    None of my user files appears to have been touched.

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