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Xubuntu Desktop i386 testcases in Bionic 18.04.2 (archived)

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Xubuntu InstallationTypePassedFailedRunningBugs
Install (auto-resize)Install (auto-resize)Mandatory1--
Install (entire disk)Install (entire disk)Mandatory2--
Xubuntu 18.04.2 i386 installation fails to boot on kvm (kvm3d cpu) (#1815887)
In: ubiquity (Ubuntu)
Status: Expired
Importance: Undecided
1 reports, 3 comments, 1 subscribers, 0 duplicates
Install (manual partitioning)Install (manual partitioning)Mandatory2--
Live SessionLive SessionMandatory2--
Broken dependencies with nvidia-driver-390 and xserver-xorg-hwe-18.04 in
bionic (#1815579)

In: nvidia-graphics-drivers-340 (Ubuntu)
Status: Invalid
Importance: Critical
Assignee: Alberto Milone
1 reports, 14 comments, 4 subscribers, 1 duplicates
Install (OEM setup)Install (OEM setup)Run-once---
Install (entire disk with lvm and encryption)Install (entire disk with lvm and encryption)Run-once1--
Install (no Network)Install (no Network)Run-once---
Xubuntu Post-installationTypePassedFailedRunningBugs
Xubuntu Post-installXubuntu Post-installMandatory2--