Post-installation (Ubuntu Studio) in Ubuntu Studio DVD amd64 in Wily Beta 2 (archived)

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Audio Check
Before you begin, make sure you are booted into a fresh session, and that you haven't opened any audio applications - including any browser pages with audio content.

Open Ubuntu Studio Controls from the menu
Start Jack and confirm it runs properly (DSP shows a percentage). Then stop jack to confirm it closes properly (DSP shows 0%). Finish by starting Jack and keeping it on for the duration of this test.
Start Carla and keep it around for your Patchbay.
Open Hydrogen from the menu
Create a quick beat and play it - you should hear sound. If you aren't hearing any sound, make sure that connections are accurate in Carla -> Patchbay, and that your hardware levels are not muted.
See for more info on audio on Ubuntu Studio if you're having trouble.
You can close Hydrogen once you are done
Make sure pulseaudio is connected to jack
In Carla -> Patchbay make sure that PulseIn and PulseOut exist and are connected to system input/output.
Test desktop sound through jack
Open firefox and go to any page that has audio. Flash video will not work, so html5 is preferred - such as

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