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Quantal Alpha 1 (archived)

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Product (Edubuntu)MandatoryRun OnceOptionalBugsVersion
DownloadEdubuntu DVD amd640/20/1None20120606
DownloadEdubuntu DVD i3860/20/1None20120606
Product (Kubuntu)MandatoryRun OnceOptionalBugsVersion
DownloadKubuntu Desktop amd640/6None0/120120606
DownloadKubuntu Desktop i3860/6None0/120120606
Product (Lubuntu)MandatoryRun OnceOptionalBugsVersion
DownloadLubuntu Alternate amd640/3None0/220120606
DownloadLubuntu Alternate amd64+mac0/3None0/220120606
DownloadLubuntu Alternate i3860/3None0/220120606
DownloadLubuntu Alternate powerpc0/3None0/220120606
DownloadLubuntu Desktop amd640/50/20/120120606.1
DownloadLubuntu Desktop amd64+mac0/50/20/120120606.1
DownloadLubuntu Desktop i3860/50/20/120120606.1
DownloadLubuntu Desktop powerpc0/50/20/120120606.1
Product (Ubuntu)MandatoryRun OnceOptionalBugsVersion
DownloadUbuntu Alternate amd646/64/4None20120606
DownloadUbuntu Alternate amd64+mac4/4NoneNone20120606
DownloadUbuntu Alternate i3866/64/4None20120606
DownloadUbuntu Desktop (Legacy) amd640/120/14None20120606.2
DownloadUbuntu Desktop Preinstalled armhf+omap41/1NoneNone
3.0 version of flash-kernel does not set "quiet splash" on the kernel
commandline by default (#1010002)

In: flash-kernel (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Medium
Assignee: Oliver Grawert
2 reports, 2 comments, 1 subscribers, 0 duplicates
gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV on quantal armhf install (#1010008)
In: gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu)
Status: Expired
Importance: Low
1 reports, 4 comments, 2 subscribers, 0 duplicates
omapdss only works on some monitors in quantal (#1010009)
In: linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: High
1 reports, 16 comments, 3 subscribers, 0 duplicates
DownloadUbuntu Desktop amd64+mac0/6NoneNone20120606.2
DownloadUbuntu Desktop i3860/120/14None20120606.2
Product (Ubuntu Base)MandatoryRun OnceOptionalBugsVersion
DownloadUbuntu Base amd640/1NoneNone20120605
DownloadUbuntu Base armhf0/1NoneNone20120605
DownloadUbuntu Base i3860/1NoneNone20120605
Product (Ubuntu Server)MandatoryRun OnceOptionalBugsVersion
DownloadUbuntu Server amd640/10/20/1620120606
DownloadUbuntu Server armhf+omap40/19NoneNone20120606
Product (Ubuntu Server Cloud Images)MandatoryRun OnceOptionalBugsVersion
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (Asia-Pacific-NorthEast) amd642/2NoneNoneami-88bd0e89
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (Asia-Pacific-NorthEast) i3861/2NoneNoneami-78bd0e79
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (Asia-Pacific-SouthEast) amd642/2NoneNoneami-beadebec
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (Asia-Pacific-SouthEast) i3862/2NoneNoneami-94adebc6
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (Europe) amd642/2NoneNoneami-e7080d93
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (Europe) i3862/2NoneNoneami-07080d73
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (South-America-East-1) amd642/2NoneNoneami-e816c8f5
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (South-America-East-1) i3862/2NoneNoneami-f216c8ef
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (US-East) amd642/2NoneNoneami-54d2723d
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (US-East) i3862/2NoneNoneami-dcd171b5
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (US-West-1) amd642/2NoneNoneami-ed85dfa8
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (US-West-1) i3862/2NoneNoneami-d985df9c
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (US-West-2) amd641/2NoneNoneami-520d8162
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 EBS (US-West-2) i3862/2NoneNoneami-680d8158
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 HVM (US-East) amd640/2NoneNoneami-bad272d3
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (Asia-Pacific-NorthEast) amd642/2NoneNoneami-38bd0e39
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (Asia-Pacific-NorthEast) i3862/2NoneNoneami-1ebd0e1f
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (Asia-Pacific-SouthEast) amd642/2NoneNoneami-d8adeb8a
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (Asia-Pacific-SouthEast) i3862/2NoneNoneami-26adeb74
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (Europe) amd642/2NoneNoneami-47080d33
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (Europe) i3862/2NoneNoneami-8d090cf9
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (South-America-East-1) amd642/2NoneNoneami-f416c8e9
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (South-America-East-1) i3862/2NoneNoneami-c216c8df
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (US-East) amd642/2NoneNoneami-d2d070bb
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (US-East) i3862/2NoneNoneami-8acf6fe3
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (US-West-1) amd642/2NoneNoneami-3985df7c
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (US-West-1) i3862/2NoneNoneami-2385df66
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (US-West-2) amd642/2NoneNoneami-7a0d814a
DownloadUbuntu Server EC2 instance (US-West-2) i3862/2NoneNoneami-700d8140
Product (Upgrade)MandatoryRun OnceOptionalBugsVersion
DownloadUpgrade Edubuntu amd640/1NoneNone20120605
DownloadUpgrade Edubuntu i3860/1NoneNone20120605
DownloadUpgrade Lubuntu amd640/1NoneNone20120605
DownloadUpgrade Lubuntu i3860/1NoneNone20120605
DownloadUpgrade Ubuntu Server amd640/1NoneNone20120605
DownloadUpgrade Ubuntu Server i3860/1NoneNone20120605
DownloadUpgrade Ubuntu amd640/2NoneNone20120605
DownloadUpgrade Ubuntu i3860/2NoneNone20120605