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Titleukui-menu(Ubuntu Kylin)
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Part of testsuitesUbuntu Kylin UKUI Desktop

RevisionWritten on the 2017-09-05 22:04 by maclin.jun
Click start menu at the left bottom of the screen.
Start menu runs successfully.
Click “Power” in start menu
A window popped up asking wether you want to shut down/cancel/restart or suspend.
Click the button at the right side of “Power” in start menu
Button of Lock Screen/ Switch User/ Logout/ Reboot/ Shutdown show up.
Click “Settings” in start menu
Contrl center runs successfully.
Click “Home” in start menu
File manager runs successfully.
Click “All App” in start menu, drag the scroll bar of start menu and click the applications.
Applications run successfully.
Tpye the name of an application in searching box of start menu.
ex. Type “terminal” in searching box, Terminal icon shows up above the searching box. Click terminal icon, it runs successfully.
Click “Favorite” in start menu
It shows recently used applications correctly.
Click the image on the left top of start menu
“User Account” setting window runs successfully.

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