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TitleUbuntu Base Image Smoke Test
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This testcase is intended to confirm the core chroot tarball is in proper working order. To test this image on an already running system (of similar architecture) , download the applicable tarball and execute the following in the same local directory.

  1. mkdir core
  2. sudo tar -C core -zxf -core-.tar.gz
  3. sudo mount --bind /proc core/proc
  4. sudo mount --bind /sys core/sys
  5. sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf core/etc/
  6. sudo chroot core
  7. apt-get update;apt-get install

  8. If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
    If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit a 'failed' result and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result