Install (Samba server) in Ubuntu Server amd64 in Lucid Alpha 1 (archived)

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Failedmacuntu2009-12-10 13:32
nmbd dies on startup when network interfaces are not up yet (#462169)
In: samba (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: High
Assignee: Steve Langasek
1 reports, 94 comments, 29 subscribers, 2 duplicates
MOTD shows "run-parts: /etc/update-motd.d/91-release-upgrade exited with
return code 1" (#494499)

In: update-manager (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Medium
Assignee: Michael Vogt
1 reports, 3 comments, 2 subscribers, 0 duplicates

SD card as boot medium (via usb-creator 0.2.13). Could not perform CD-ROM check ("Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted.") but I don't know if it's supposed to work with non-CD-ROM media.


Failed due to nmbd not running after the boot.

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