Upgrade in Upgrade Kubuntu i386 in Karmic Final (archived)

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FailedPhilippeP2009-10-27 12:06

while doing a somewhat unattended upgraded , it failed at some point as I did not give a response to a kdesudo password enquiry ...
It seems the upgrade continued in the background...
After closing the kdesudo failure dialog , the desktop freezed ... my only option seemed to be a reboot wich failed even to mount my drives ...

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Passedsbeattie2009-10-27 19:09
upstart job keeps restarting a dying gdm (#441638)
(master bug of duplicate: 457443)
In: gdm (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: High
Assignee: Steve Langasek
1 reports, 46 comments, 14 subscribers, 6 duplicates

virtualbox guest; jaunty default + plus extra kde packages.

Passedawen2009-10-27 11:18
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