Install (entire disk) in Ubuntu Moblin Remix in Karmic RC (archived)

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Passedmdeslaur2009-10-21 22:27
Passedpwlars2009-10-21 21:20
Passedlool2009-10-21 17:43
English langpack is pulled during install (#457479)
In: ubuntu-moblin-remix
Status: Confirmed
Importance: Undecided
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Initially, the install hung in virtualbox after selecting French on the first screen and clicking Next. I rebooted and could install with English successfully. plars confirmed that this works with non-English too. During the install, the English langpack was downloaded, I think it should be seeded but I'm not sure that's enough for a networkless install.

Passedmarjo-mercado2009-10-21 05:50
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