Live Session in Kubuntu Desktop i386 in Karmic RC (archived)

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Failedgjditchfield2009-10-23 05:10
progress bar flickers during boot (#458739)
In: usplash (Ubuntu)
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Live image made with usb-creator on a Hardy Heron computer.

Failedbrotkastn2009-10-22 12:31

Testcase "Live Session Persistence" didnt work like it should, but i am not completely sure i did everything right ;)
What i did was: I booted the live cd, made a new empty partition on /dev/sda, and then formatted /dev/sda1 with ext3. After that i edited the label "e2label /dev/sda1 casper-rw". Then i rebooted with the "persistent" boot-option added and modified the desktop. Also, i created a empty file in my homedirectory. After another reboot, with the persistent bootflag, the file and the modification was gone.

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