Install (manual partitioning) in Ubuntu Desktop i386 in Karmic RC (archived)

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Failedstone13432009-10-22 04:08

Update: This problem should probably not affect the RC, it may be a kernel regression that only affects certain hardware.

I have a brand new Acer AS1410 netbook, the Live USB booted up fine (though *very* slow), partitioning the system for Dual Boot and installing went fine, but Ubuntu does not boot. It takes about half a minute for the white Ubuntu logo on black b/g, then about a minute later, the Caps Lock LED starts blinking and nothing else happens.

Booting in Recovery Mode displays a whole bunch of messages, you can look at Launchpad question 86531


ReporterLast updateBugsComment
Passedpvillavi2009-10-21 14:50
Passedmvo2009-10-21 14:11

Reboot screen "Press enter to reboot" had no usplash, just text only.

Passedlbsolost2009-10-21 04:16
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