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Ubuntu MATE Desktop amd64 testcases in Hirsute Daily (archived)

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Ubuntu MateTypePassedFailedRunningBugs
Install (auto-resize)Install (auto-resize)Mandatory4--
Install (entire disk)Install (entire disk)Mandatory3--
Install (manual partitioning)Install (manual partitioning)Mandatory---
Live SessionLive SessionMandatory---
Install (Screen Reader)Install (Screen Reader)Run-once-1-
Screenreader starts, but does not work with installer (ubiquity) in live
session (#1231091)

In: ubiquity (Ubuntu)
Status: Triaged
Importance: High
1 reports, 14 comments, 6 subscribers, 1 duplicates
screen reader does not read ubiquity window (#1923052)
In: at-spi2-core (Ubuntu)
Status: Confirmed
Importance: Undecided
1 reports, 5 comments, 1 subscribers, 0 duplicates
Install (OEM setup)Install (OEM setup)Optional---