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debian-installer netboot builds.
These are reset every time a new debian-installer is uploaded and not on a daily basis.


debian-installer (20101020ubuntu451.17) xenial; urgency=medium

   * Bump FLOPPY_SIZE on amd64, i386, and powerpc for linux-firmware growth.

 debian-installer (20101020ubuntu451.16) xenial; urgency=medium

   [ Steve Langasek ]
   * Adjust the Vcs-Bzr target for SRUs.

   [ Adam Conrad ]
   * Move master kernels to 4.4.0-101.
   * Move hwe kernels to 4.10.0-40.

 -- Adam Conrad   Sat, 18 Nov 2017 12:39:17 -0700

Download links for Netboot arm64