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Weekly upgrade testing build.
This build is valid for a week, starting on 2013/11/15 at 21:00 UTC and finishing on 2013/11/22 at 21:00 UTC.
Please use separate results for tests done on different hardware or day.

Upgrade Xubuntu amd64 testcases in Trusty Daily (archived)

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Desktop UpgradeTypePassedFailedRunningBugs
LTS Desktop Upgrade (Precise)TypePassedFailedRunningBugs
Upgrade LTSUpgrade LTSMandatory4--
gtk-update-icon-cache-3.0 crashed with SIGSEGV (#1298288)
(master bug of duplicate: 1296340)
In: gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu)
Status: Confirmed
Importance: High
1 reports, 10 comments, 7 subscribers, 2 duplicates
Upgrade LTS (Image)Upgrade LTS (Image)Run-once2--