Install (ubiquity) in Ubuntu DVD amd64 for Precise Daily (archived)

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Failedyogesh49842012-04-19 17:36Failed
Location/TimeZone not selected automatically (#985913)
In: ubiquity (Ubuntu)
Status: Invalid
Importance: Undecided
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Test Case:
Part 3.1
Your system have at least the amount a space indicated-- OK
Is plugged to a power source -- Remains green even after disconnecting power
Is connected to the Internet -- Remains green even after disconnecting internet

Part 6.1
Location not detected automatically.

-Ubuntu updated fine.

ReporterLast updateMachineBugsComment
Passedandroid-lee2012-06-20 16:34Passed
ReporterLast updateMachineBugsComment
In progressguba2012-04-17 20:11In progress

Just install it without problems and did the upgrade correctly.

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