Ubuntu DVD amd64 testcases in Oneiric Beta 2 (archived)

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Install (ubiquity)Install (ubiquity)Mandatory1--
Install (ubiquity OEM)Install (ubiquity OEM)Mandatory1--
Live SessionLive SessionMandatory3--
gnome-settings-daemon crashed with signal 5 in xkl_process_error() (#631672)
In: gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu)
Status: Expired
Importance: Medium
1 reports, 13 comments, 6 subscribers, 19 duplicates
compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in _XFreeEventCookies() (#851472)
(master bug of duplicate: 853148)
In: unity (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Critical
Assignee: Sam Spilsbury
1 reports, 25 comments, 13 subscribers, 32 duplicates