Ubuntu Server EC2 instance (US-West-1) i386 testcases in Oneiric Beta 2 (archived)

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Legacy testcases for 'Ubuntu Server EC2 instance (US-West-1) i386'TypePassedFailedRunningBugs
EC2 Multiple Instances RunEC2 Multiple Instances RunMandatory1--
transient network/keyscan issues (#656646)
In: cloud-init (Ubuntu)
Status: Won't Fix
Importance: Low
Assignee: Scott Moser
1 reports, 5 comments, 1 subscribers, 0 duplicates
boot failures as /dev is not transferred to /root (because 'udevadm exit'
times out waiting for a deadlocked worker) (#818177)

(master bug of duplicate: 833783)
In: linux (Ubuntu)
Status: Invalid
Importance: High
1 reports, 129 comments, 29 subscribers, 3 duplicates
EC2 User DataEC2 User DataMandatory1--