Ubuntu Netbook armel+imx51 testcases in Lucid Beta 1 (archived)

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Legacy testcases for 'Ubuntu Netbook armel+imx51'TypePassedFailedRunningBugs
Install (entire disk)Install (entire disk)Mandatory1--
Live SessionLive SessionMandatory1--
Sometimes app windows come up undecorated, unselectable, and not full
screen (#522858)

In: maximus (Ubuntu)
Status: Confirmed
Importance: High
1 reports, 13 comments, 5 subscribers, 0 duplicates
maximus does not give default focus to newly started apps in combination
with efl launcher (#528887)

In: netbook-launcher-efl (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Medium
1 reports, 24 comments, 5 subscribers, 0 duplicates
Sound not working in all apps through pulse on arm (#528524)
(master bug of duplicate: 534815)
In: linux-mvl-dove (Ubuntu)
Status: Invalid
Importance: Undecided
1 reports, 41 comments, 5 subscribers, 1 duplicates
enter kills X when booting Live CD or w/cryptsetup with plymouth text
plugin (#540256)

(master bug of duplicate: 540477)
In: plymouth (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Critical
Assignee: Scott James Remnant (Canonical)
1 reports, 9 comments, 4 subscribers, 3 duplicates
disable drag and dropping of images (#530163)
(master bug of duplicate: 540487)
In: software-center (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Low
Assignee: Gary Lasker
1 reports, 3 comments, 1 subscribers, 1 duplicates